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A mother nature of Yatsugatake

A taste of the sea and the land



About ESAKI’s Cuisine

ESAKI values selecting the ingredients more than anything.
His dishes are inspired by the best of the seasonal vegetables, the hand-picked fishes, and the local ingredients, collected from all over Japan.
As Essay in Idleness(Tsurezuregusa) wrote “Food is a Heaven of Humans,” he notes ”to live is to eat” in his heart and cooks the dishes with the power of surrounded calming nature.

Lunch Course / Dinner Course
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Time and Space in Yatsugatake

Chef Shintaro Esaki

Esaki began his Japanese culinary career after his graduation from the university.
Starting from Kyoto to Tokyo to Akasaka Ryotei “Yamazaki”, he opened ”Aoyama Esaki” in Aoyama, Tokyo in 1994. During his 23 years at “Aoyama Esaki,” he received consecutive Michelin Three-Star for 7 years by Michelin Guide Tokyo.
In 2018, He moved from Tokyo to Yatsugatake and newly opened “Yatsugatake Esaki”.